Croatia Holidays

We assume that Croatia will probably remain the most common destination for Czech tourists this year. Although the exploratory agencies argue that the interest in this country is declining every year and that it is mainly due to last-minute offers and new cheap vacations in Egypt or Tunisia, we believe that this is not true. Therefore, it is important that you book your Croatia holidays with our travel agency now!

Even if prices are rising in Croatia, the prestige of Croatia in the world is also growing. But despite the rising prices, we, the Czechs, did not neglect the holidays in Croatia. We are no longer nicknamed "Pashikáři" as we have recently, we start to sort among tourists who want to enjoy the holiday without cooking and smokeless. On the other hand, our luxuriously furnished and equipped apartments for cooking are directly encouraged!
In our apartments you can prepare tasty food

What so to combine on your Croatia holiday both? Occasionally be a pashikář, occasionally enjoy a good Croatian restaurant…