Floating floors

Sometimes it's hard to decide and choose when the offer is so wide and varied. If you hesitate and do not know what floor coverings to choose, then consult specialists who will advise you professionally. And if your choice ultimately falls on a floating floor, Plancher s.r.o. is a very good, fast and reliable place to put.
If you just approached the floating floors, you can choose both laminate and wood. In both of these designs, it is a bet on satisfaction and longevity. These floor coverings are simple both for installation and maintenance, they are perfectly suited to allergy sufferers, damper sounds and steps and are absolutely durable.
Choose a floating floor from our range
The offer, which is guaranteed to satisfy all clients, is the one found by those interested in floating floors, whether laminate or wooden, at Plancher s.r.o., which specializes in laying floor coverings and provides absolutely excellent service.