Virtual currency

Have you heard of bitcoins and do not know what you have to imagine under that name? This virtual currency differs from all other currencies by not being issued by any institution (state, central bank). This currency is obtained by mining, and individual users store it on their personal computers or use the services of intermediaries. The course of this interesting currency is absolutely independent of the courses of traditional currencies-US dollar, euro, British pound, etc. So how does this currency rate be created? It is simple, only on the basis of demand and supply.
Because we believe in Bitcoins and believe that the demand for equipment for their mining will be constantly increasing? We understand that some enthusiasts cannot afford to buy new powerful miners for financial reasons, and they will surely find those that have already frostled the mining and would like to sell their equipment. For all these people we prepare a section of advertising, where they will publish both offers and demand for specific devices.